Dear Colleagues & Friends,

as we are now all back in our everyday life we would like to invite you to a look back at our wonderful and exiting days in beautiful Cartagena, the place of our 6th ISDS Spring Meeting.

Here some comments from faculty members and participants:
Prof. Eckart Haneke (Germany):
The 6th Spring Meeting of the ISDS was a very valuable scientific achievement of the ISDS. Although the number of participants was not so big as probably expected by the organizing committee all participants benefitted from the relaxed atmosphere and the good lectures. I have attended most Spring Meetings and all regular meetings of the ISDS since the Founders’ Meeting in Marrakech and can say that this was one of the nicest reunions of the ISDS. I hope that the meeting was not a business failure for the organizers – for the scientific participants it was a great event.

Doris Hexsel, MD (Brazil):
The ISDS meeting in Cartagena was great. Amazing speakers delivered great lectures in a beautiful, magic place.

Sarita Bezerra Martins, MD (Brazil): I had a good time in Cartagena as all of us.

Chrysalyne Schmults, MD (USA): The Cartagena meeting was terrific! I met two new wonderful colleagues from Columbia who are doing great skin cancer epidemiology and Mohs surgery and beautiful reconstructive work as well. We are working together toward providing a database that will efficiently capture their important data regarding skin cancer in the understudied Hispanic population. I also got to spend time with many old friends in a truly gorgeous setting. Many thanks to all at ISDS who made this meeting possible.     c-schmults

Daniel de Rossi Fattaccilio, MD (Peru): I am very happy to belong ISDS since 1995 .I am very sorry that I couldnot be with you all the time and ISDS events. Because my lot lot of work. But on Cartagena I felt like a brother who returned home. Anthony Bennedetto splendid friend and host. Everyone was like old friends that enjoy the meeting and the most beautiful place on Caribe. CONGRATULATIONS WAS PARAMOUNT UNFORGETABLE.

Matthias Sandhofer, MD (Austria): Cartagena was one of the many gems in our ISDS collection.I call this meeting a Emerald on the global diadem. Especially the small number pf participants made the high quality oft he meeting. The social program was also at the highest level.

Jörg Faulhaber, MD (Germany) (USA): Meeting in a unique historical ambiente, learning and sharing expertise and knowledge, getting to know colleques from all over the World, spending time with Friends! Outstanding experience we I will never forget!

Juan Carlos Martinez, MD (USA): The location and venue for the meeting were fabulous. The more relaxed and informal feel of the smaller meeting is always welcomed and provides for a valuable learning environment. I was unable to attend the social events and therefore cannot comment on those. Thanks for the invitation to speak and for a wonderful experience!     j-martinez

Cristina Puyat, MD (Philippines) (USA): Travelling 36 hours to be with friends was worth it! I truly enjoyed the meeting and learned a lot from the comprehensive but most of all experiential lectures. The Cartagena impression will last a lifetime for me. The dancing, fun and laughter were a very good anti- aging therapy. The intimacy of the small group that gathered was a good experience.

Robert Gotkin, MD (USA): I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 6th Annual Spring Meeting of the ISDS in Cartagena recently. Cartagena is a lovely city, rich in history, with very nice hotels and restaurants. The Sofitel Santa Clara was a great choice for the conference; the rooms were quite comfortable and the amenities were well chosen for upscale clients. Most of all, the meeting itself was very good. With an intimate setting and great faculty, there was ample ability for free exchange and discussion between the faculty and the attendees. The international faculty and attendees bring varying points of view and this is even more stimulating.
This makes for a tremendous learning experience for all. I highly recommend the ISDS meetings as both great learning and great social experiences. The friends made at these meetings last a lifetime and enrich each and every one of us as people living in a single global setting.

Deborah Sarnoff, MD (USA): After escaping the snowy skies of New York City and traveling only 4 ½ hours on Jet Blue, I was truly overjoyed to step off the plane where I was transported to a balmy oasis – one of the most beautiful cities imaginable: Cartagena. From its vibrant, lush landscape to its amazing maze of cobblestone streets in the Old City, Cartagena is one-of-a-kind. The accommodations for the meeting were, as always luxurious, and I loved listening to the lullabies of birds chirping in the lobby. The meeting itself was superb and the exchange between a talented, diverse group of speakers provided a cross-pollination of ideas on everything from skin cancers to all aspects of aesthetics.
The dermatologic surgeons – all leaders in their respective countries –were able to share insights and ideas, formally and informally. The dynamic discussions and collaborative working environment extended way beyond the meeting room. A conversation that started at breakfast continued at an afternoon lecture and then ended over cocktails or tapas in the evening. I learned many new “pearls” which I plan to put into practice and explore further in my research. I think that the musician Jimmy Buffet said it best when he sang, “I Want to Go Back to Cartagena” because I realize I feel the same way, too! I already can’t wait to re-connect with ISDS members in Seoul where the learning, sharing of ideas and spectacular social events will continue!

After this exciting event we are looking forward to our next meeting:

The 36th Annual ISDS Congress in cooperation with KSDS, October 1-4, 2015, in Seoul, Korea

We hope to see you there!

Your ISDS Team