Dear Colleagues & Friends,

Seoul is approaching very fast, and with this the promise of a special congress in the wonderful and exiting surrounding of Seoul. Today we would like to present you the next part of our high-quality faculty. Of course our faculty consists of many more specialists from around the world who you will get to know by taking part at our 36th Annual Meeting in Seoul. Register now.

The following three colleagues from different countries, regions and culture groups have one thing in common: the ISDS and fun joining the meetings. Have a look at Dr Laeuchli from Switzerland, Dr Sadick from the US and Dr Das from India and what they say about Seoul.

Have you already booked your flight? Remember to first have a look at our Social Program. The trips communicate knowledge about the venue Seoul by having a lot of fun. Have a look at the Tour program.

Have you ever wondered what time it is now in Seoul? Here is the answer. The time difference is:

    New York (USA) – Seoul -13 hours
    Berlin (GER) – Seoul +7 hours
    Bangkok (TH) – Seoul +2 hours
    Delhi (IN) – Seoul +3,5 hours

Looking forward to seeing you in Seoul!

Yours ISDS Team

Seoul Faculty:

Name: Severin Laeuchli
Country:  Switzerland
Hospital/Office: Department of Dermatology, University Hospital, Zurich
Contact Email Address:

Speciality: Mohs surgery, Dermatology

I am exited about Seoul because: The conference is taking place in one of Asia’s trendiest and most talked about cities.

I will attend because: The program promises a conference of a high educational value in an exciting place.

If you miss Seoul you would miss: A great chance to network with some of the world’s most outstanding leaders in Dermatologic surgery.

Name: Neil Sadick, MD
Country: US
Hospital/Office: 911 Park Avenue, Suite 1A, New York, NY 10075
Contact Email Address:

Speciality: Dermatology

I am exited about Seoul because: of the diverse culture.

I will attend because:

Executive Board member

Name: Dr. Siddhartha Sankar Das
Country:  India
Hospital/Office: Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan & Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences, Kolkata, India
Contact Email Address:

Speciality: Dermato Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology

I am exited about Seoul because: The Congress in Seoul will be Scientifically and Academically very rich. The place is also very exciting and also I never visited that part of the world.

I will attend because: Of the Academics and also Sharing my works with other faculties.

If you miss Seoul you would miss: I will miss lot of academic and scientific works and I will not be able to meet my friends.